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Hello and welcome to Paw Print On the Heart, a blog that I have dedicated to writing about animal rescue, animal health, and animal rights with a strong focus on cats and dogs.

Like many other people out there – I really hate writing about myself.  However, it would be best if you know a little bit about me as the author.  First off – that lovely photo you see to the left?  that would be me.  It isn’t the best – but at least you can put a face to the words!

The biggest thing to know?

I’m an animal person though and though!

Athena – Adopted from Charm City Animal Rescue in Baltimore, MD April 16th 2012

Not only growing up did I have a love of animals, but I also always had pets around. The pets I had ranged from dogs, a cat, a hamster, a baby bunny…you get the idea.  In April 2012 I adopted my first pet on my own – I got her from a small non profit shelter in Baltimore, MD called Charm City Animal Rescue.  I named her Athena based off of the lines going back on her cheek and my love of art.  Three years later, I also adopted a second cat with my boyfriend from he Humane Society of Washington D.C.  We named her Nyx because she is all black.

I had always really wanted to be more actively involved in animal rescue. The only question was how?


Nyx – Adopted form the Washington Humane Society March 31st 2015

Every summer I would constantly read articles online about rescues and how ever summer it would be kitten/puppy season and the shelters would begin to overflow.  So I thought to myself  “what can I do about it?”  Since money was most certainly out of the question (Don’t get me wrong I donate where I can) and I did not have a whole lot of time to commit either.  I could not foster since I didn’t have the space, I decided bringing awareness was the best option so I decided to start a blog, thats how Paw Print On The Heart was born.

So – now that you have a brief backstory, I hope that you in some way find  my writings on shelters and pet adoptions, and even occasionally animal rights, to be insightful.

Remember: Those who say money cant buy love – never paid an adoption fee.

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